Insurance Policy

In broad terms, WV members are covered under the AWA third party accident insurance policy.

Our insurance through AWA has now been upgraded to include 24/7 sailing coverage, on top of the current AWA certified event coverage. This will allow a social windsurfer who typically doesn’t enter an event to have liability insurance by becoming a WV member.

Please note; WV insurance through AWA does not provide coverage via third part events that are not AWA certified. More details of the upgraded insurance can be found on the WV and AWA websites.

For more detailed information about the AWA insurance cover included with your WV membership and the limits on that cover, please refer to the AWA Guide.

NB:  WV/AWA does not issue insurance certificates - if an event organiser(s), etc; needs proof of cover, refer them to the AWA National Master List of insured members and to the online policy information.

NB: The AWA windsurfing insurance policy is not personal accident insurance for you or your equipment - Windsurfing Victoria strongly recommends that you have private health cover or equivalent protection (eg. Yachting Australia SIlver Card).