Gybe Mark Oct 15

Welcome to the Windsurfing Victroria's monthly bulletin. On the 15th of every month WV will issue an update to what is happening with WV and all things windsurfing. For previous editions on the older style 'WV Gybe Mark' please click here.

October 15 WV Update

Daylight savings has started and we’ve had our first taste of warm/hot weather. I hope you all enjoyed the new long weekend and were able to get a windsurf in before the footy finals.

Last month Windsurfing Victoria held its AGM, where the key items below were agreed upon for the coming season (more detail on each follows below):

Regular WV Updates

  • Continued support for our local stores (Inc. event support)
  • Increase our support for longboard windsurfing 
  • Continue ‘WV Teach a Mate’ program
  • Reintroduce ‘Where are you Windsurfing’ forum on Facebook
  • Provide more details on our membership insurance
  • Increase promotion of windsurfing activities

The new 2015-16 committee is as follows:

  • President:      Stephen Coward
  • Vice President: Aldo Caprioli
  • Treasurer:      Andrew Niere
  • General:      Stephen Moutafis
  • AWA Rep:      Ian Fox

We would like to thank Richard Bryett for his fantastic support and efforts over the last year or so on the committee. Richard, we hope you enjoy the weather and windsurfing in Queensland. If you’d like to get involved in the WV committee, please feel free to contact any of the members as we’re always on the lookout for new members passionate about windsurfing.

If you would like to help WV in any form, please contact Stephen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Regular WV Updates

A couple of years back WV ran a newsletter ‘WV Gybe Mark’ which focused on local windsurfing news. WV plan to send out some regular news updates via email as well as the WV website and Facebook page. From now on WV will issue a WV Update once a month (e.g. 15th of each month). Additional small updates will occur based on key events or other triggered information.

Continue support for our local stores

WV recognises the role of our local stores as a key factor in maintaining the interest in our sport - without them our sport will struggle. WV has a long history of working closely with our local stores to provide a support service to the windsurfing community. This includes providing resources and insurance to support their events. WV aims to continue this support

Increase our support for longboard windsurfing 

A couple of years back WV started working with crews at a number of Yacht and Sailing clubs around the Bay, where we ran a course racing series and several clinics. We also ran a few fun events. This coming season we aim to reengage with the windsurfing crew at Parkdale, to host a ‘longboard’ event or two. Stay tuned for more details.

Continue ‘WV Teach a Mate’ program

The ‘WV Teach a Mate’ program will continue to operate with renewed promotion via WV key media mediums (i.e. email, WV website and Facebook page). An updated list of WV equipment will be issued in the coming weeks. In the meantime please utilise your WV membership and borrow the current gear from SHQ, The ZU and WV directly. Our beginner boards are a great way to get family and friends into windsurfing and provide fun times and memories for those light wind days.

Reintroduce ‘Where are you Windsurfing’ forum

In 2010-11 the WV president started off a weekly post on Seabreeze’s Victorian forum asking where everyone was windsurfing that weekend. This allowed everyone to see where folk were windsurfing and sail together, share rides, etc if they wanted. WV has reintroduced this concept again via a were.are.u.windsuring dedicated Facebook page. Please come and join us and let others know where you plan to windsurf in the future. Refer to links below.
Where to find the group:
Groups email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please note, the email address is used to post to the group via an email message.

Provide more details on our membership insurance

If you didn’t know - from last year our third party insurance through AWA was upgraded to include 24/7 sailing coverage, on top of the current AWA-certified event coverage. This means that  windsurfers (especially those who typically don’t enter a sanctioned event) now have access to public liability (third party social windsurfing insurance coverage) by simply becoming a WV member.

Please note, WV insurance through AWA does not provide coverage for third party events that are not AWA-certified. It also does not provide personal insurance or ambulance cover. 

More details of the upgraded insurance can be found on the WV and AWA websites.

Increase promotion of windsurfing activities

WV will be promoting windsurfing related news via our key mediums (i.e. email, WV website and Facebook page). If you have any news that you would like WV to promote, please send to the email below for review.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

First bit of windsurfing news is from The ZU Boardsports

What is The ZU Flight Club? 

Let’s see who can get the biggest windsurf jump in Victoria! 
Come and borrow a WOO Altitude Tracker and head for a session in the bay or down the coast. Go nuts and get some massive air! Bring back the WOO unit and we will upload your score to our leader-board on our Facebook page and website. It’s that simple! 

Let’s get high! 


WOO GPS provided by The ZU *Measures height - flight time - Number of jumps 
No Rules, biggest, highest jump wins. (The unit has to be attached to the board, with the provided mount) 

The competition runs from October until the end of February. 

There are two categories: Semi Pro and Average Jo, so no matter what your level is you can give it a shot.

What can you win? 

  • A Woo Retail Package valued at $299 (overall winner) Features: Bluetooth Connectivity, Shockproof, 9-Axis Motion Sensor, Waterproof, USB Charger, Long Battery.
  • A Brand new North 2.0 Power XT extension and North I- base, valued at $395 (winner of the Average Jo category) 
  • So don’t hesitate and come and grab a Woo from The ZU and remember the rules… “Keep talking about Flight Club” 

Second bit of news.

Sandy Point Cup Weekend
SHQ are currently in the planning stage for the annual Sandy Point Cup Weekend. Not long now. I hope you all have your accommodation booked!


Best Regards,

Stephen Coward