AGM 15



9 September 2015 at 7.00 pm

Mordialloc Sporting Club, Mordialloc, VIC




Stephen Coward President
Aldo Caprioli Vice President
Andrew Niere Treasurer/Secretary
Steven Moutafis Committee Member
Richard Bryett Committee Member
Ian Fox AWA Rep
Paul Nederhoed


Fletcher Husband
David Sprague

Meeting opened and welcome from President S Coward at 7:30 pm


The minutes of the previous AGM were presented for acceptance.


'That the minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting be accepted'

Moved: S Coward

Seconded: A Niere CARRIED

No matters arising from previous minutes (see General Business)


3.1 President's Report

  • Acknowledgment that 14-15 had seen a decrease in committee numbers and a subsequent decrease in activity both on and off the water. Some personal/family commitments had had an effect on committee members’ time.
  • Discussion of events supported, Cup Weekend and Breakwater to Beacon. Unable to get some other events off the ground due to poor weather after fair bit of time spent in planning.
  • Plan to overhaul communications to help market the sport hadn’t been as successful as hoped (more discussion for Other Business).

3.2 Secretary's Report

  • Membership numbers down on the previous year, 135 to 78. Most likely due to less events and additional activities like WV Kids Club and no Victorian Wave Sailing Series.
  • All docs now submitted through MyCAV website to Consumer Affairs Vic.

3.3 Treasurer's Report

  • Presentation of Balance Sheet and P&L for year ending 14-15
  • Discussion of major points of interest and major transactions within the reports
  • Note transaction activity less than prior years based on reduced membership numbers and reduced event activity
  • Organisation continues to operate as a ‘going concern’


4.1 President

Nominations: S Coward Nominated by: S Moutaphis Seconded: A Caprioli

S Coward was elected unopposed as President

4.2 Vice President

Nominations: A Caprioli Nominated by: S Coward Seconded: A Niere

A Caprioli was elected unopposed as Vice President

4.3 Secretary

Nominations: A Niere Nominated by: S Coward Seconded: A Caprioli

A Niere was elected unopposed as Secretary

4.4 Treasurer

Nominations: A Niere Nominated by: S Coward Seconded: I Fox

A Niere elected unopposed as Treasurer

4.5 General Committee Members

Nominations: S Moutafis Nominated by: S Coward Seconded: A Niere

S Moutafis was elected unopposed to the committee

4.6 Web Master

Nominations: A Caprioli Nominated by: S Coward Seconded: A Niere

A Caprioli was elected unopposed as Web Master

*Acknowledgment of Richard Bryett’s support as outgoing committee member


5.1 Certification

from S Coward and A Caprioli that the financial statements give a ‘true and fair’ view of the association's financial position and performance.


6.1 Communications

  • Website - old website is no longer being hacked, new website is ready to deploy, includes a member portal for account creation/renewal and a new payment portal. Needs Victorian based windsurfing images prior to launch. Aim to release before Christmas 2015.
  • Newsletter - desire to reinstate a monthly newsletter as per 2010-13 as not everyone has access to social media. Email based Newsletter should focus on Windsurfing activity around the state. (Current status: first released has been released).
  • Facebook - old Facebook Group is still running despite launch of new Facebook page. Old group needs to be closed.
  • Where-are-you-windsurfing - desire to relaunch old Seabreeze post via Facebook so interested groups can post their sailing locations and join up. (Current status: now active).
  • Teach a mate - promote the teach-a-mate ‘beginner gear’ to the mailing group as a great way to introduce bring friends and family to windsurfing. (Current status started via newsletter).
  • Insurance - highlight that AWA insurance now includes 24/7 third party sailing coverage on top of event coverage. In addition look at what Yachting Victoria can now offer WV as an extension to our current offerings from AWA. (Current status started via newsletter and meeting organised with YV).

6.2 Events Support

  • Store support - continue support of high profile store based events, SHQ (Cup Weekend, B2B), The ZU (Stern Chaser) etc.
  • Known events - Cup Weekend and B2B confirmed as on, need to replace Stern Chasers and review long board support at PYC.
  • New events - Events for The ZU to fill Stern Chaser gap, discuss ‘Sailing for Cancer’ opportunity.

6.3 Sailing Categories

  • Longboards - S Moutafis to arrange a meeting with Parkdale Commodore to discuss WOD sailing events. WOD group reaching out to discuss how they can be involved – consider SUP class to join them.
  • WindSUP - WindSUP seen as a way to bring windsurfers that have left the sport back and new entrants into windsurfing. Consider weather SUP sails or boards should be available to complement teach-a-mate. Need to consider promoting some SUP sailing events to show cross-over potential.

6.4 Assets

  • WV Teach a Mate - review status of existing equipment and consider renewal of kids rigs

6.5 Sailing regulations

  • Parks Victoria - President to follow up with Parks Victoria on status of signage

6.6 Committee Matters

Committee numbers - separate meeting required to consider low numbers and strategy to support existing committee. Recognised that key on the ground activities like ‘WV Kids Club’ have brought key volunteers in in the past and they have run with these areas.

Windsurfing Victoria Inc Statement of Financial Position As at 30 June 2015


Current Assets   $
        Bank Account  2,193.50 
        PayPal Account  2,198.22
        Petty Cash        9.21
 Total Current Assets                    4,400.93

  Non-current Assets

      WV Event Equipment 2,950.25
      WV Sailing Equipment 3,651.70
         Less: Accum. Depreciation -4,591.60
   Total Non-Current Assets 2,010.35
Total Assets                          6,422.28


   AWA (insurance)        728.00
   AWA (affiliation fee 2016) 231.00
   Reimbursements 80.40
Total Liabilities 1039.40


Net Assets                        5,371.88


       c/f Equity 6,461.68
       Current Earnings          -1,089.80
Total Equity           

 Windsurfing Victoria Inc Statement of Income For the year ended 30 June 2015

Member Dues 14-15         2,530.00
Other       0.00
Total Income 2,530.00


    AWA (insurance) 1,868.00
   AWA affiliation fee 231.00
   Bank/PayPal Fees 40.70
   WV events 14-15 (e.g. safety craft, trophies, etc) 0.00
   WV administrative costs 80.40
   WV promotional & membership material 0.00
   Loss on Equipment Sales 0.00
   Depreciation Assets 1,399.70
Total Expenses 3,619.80
Net Profit / Loss -1,089.80